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Tax-optimised transfer of own home to relatives

In the case of inheritance, while it is possible to transfer an owner-occupied home to the remaining spouse free of inheritance tax, nevertheless, […]


Property valuation – Important changes to the German Valuation Act in the 2022 Annual Tax Act

The draft of the 2022 Annual Tax Act (Jahressteuergesetz, JStG) contains – besides many other changes (please see our previous report) – amendments to […]


Property purchases – New guideline for the apportionment of the purchase price

Those who buy rental properties are generally interested in allocating as high a share of the purchase price as possible to the building because only […]


Hidden defects – No warranty claims will arise after a house purchase in the event of insulation defects

Warranty rights are generally excluded in house purchase agreements. In the case of so-called hidden defects, which the vendor is aware of, other […]


Terminating a tenancy for own use

In many cases where tenancies are terminated for own use, the courts rule in favour of the tenants. However, if the landlady provides alternative […]


Cosmetic repairs – Obliging a tenant to renovate is only possible to a limited extent

Last year, the so-called renovation clause received a lot of media attention on account of a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice […]


In the case of properties, do step up models constitute a form of abusive structuring?

Frequently, in the case of property that is rented out and held as taxable assets, the tax depreciation volume has been used up, or the amount of […]


Trade tax exemption – A question of proportionality

Companies that exclusively manage their own real estate are able to file an application to make a reduction to their trading profits so that, […]


Developed real estate – New guideline on the apportionment of the purchase price

When purchasing a rental property, it is generally advantageous for landlords if the local tax office allocates as high a share of the purchase price […]


Renting to close relatives – The average market rent for the local area as an objective benchmark

Income from the letting and leasing of immovable assets and rights also includes, among other things, renting out residential property – frequently at […]

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