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New forms of working – ‘Remote Work’ and the ‘Workation’ (Part I)

Advances in technology have made it possible for employees in various professional fields to work remotely – from virtually anywhere in the world – […]


The modernisation of German partnership law – A need to review the GbR and other partnerships

The Act on the Modernisation of Partnership Law (Gesetz zur Modernisierung des Personengesellschaftsrechts, MoPeG) has now been approved by the […]


Is living space illegally repurposed when it is used by holidaymakers?

When rental apartments are rented out via online portals there is a risk that the actual use of the living space will be different to the one that was […]


German Whistleblower Protection Act has entered into force

The ‘Act for better protection of whistleblowers as well as for the transposition of the EU directive on the protection of persons who report breaches […]


Green Claims – EU criteria against greenwashing and misleading environmental claims

On 22.3.2023, the EU Commission presented a draft directive on common criteria against greenwashing and misleading environmental claims. The […]


The decision to disclaim an inheritance should not be taken lightly

Disclaiming an inheritance is a move that could be considered not merely where the aim is to avoid personal liability for the deceased person‘s debts. […]


Attempted coercion – No right to ‘safely store’ an improperly parked e-scooter

Parisians recently voted to clear e-scooters from their city’s streets in the future. In Germany, by contrast, such a decision will probably not be […]


First ruling on COVID-19 compensation

Since 2020, employers have been able to apply for compensation for the loss of earnings incurred by employees who had to isolate in quarantine at […]


The list of shareholders of a GmbH – A potential source of succession problems

In the business sphere, a death could pose an existential threat, particularly if there has been no structured succession planning and no succession […]


A managing director’s liability after leaving the executive board?

If a GmbH [private limited company] ceases to comply with certain obligations, such as, e.g., transferring the payroll tax, then the local tax office […]

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