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Right to a compulsory portion of a testator’s estate – 10-year time period in the case of gifting

There is sometimes a desire not to bequeath wealth that has been built up in accordance with the statutory succession rules. This can moreover be […]


Towing away illegally parked vehicles

If a car parking space renter does not actually use their space at all then a question that arises is whether or not a vehicle that has been illegally […]


New possible ways of avoiding insolvency proceedings

The German Federal government approved the Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework legislation (Gesetz über den Stabilisierungs- und […]


Minority shareholding managing directors – Social insurance payment obligation despite special rights

In recent years, case law related to the assessment of a managing director under social security law has steadily developed further. The Federal […]


Compensation for flight delays between third countries

If a flight is delayed then an airline from the EU has to pay compensation to its passengers if the delay exceeds a certain amount of time. The ECJ […]


Add-backs for rental charges for trade fair stand space for trade tax purposes

Recently, the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) decided that rental charges for trade fair stand space that a company rents for exhibition […]


The Berlin-style will (Berliner Testament) – Dispositions by childless married couples

In a Berlin-style will (Berliner Testament) spouses mutually appoint each other as heirs and determine that the mutual estate will devolve upon a […]


Reporting in accordance with the German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance – A frequently unknown and underestimated pitfall that could result in fines

In Germany, everyone can make payments to foreigners or receive payments from abroad without any restrictions or official authorisation. Nevertheless, […]


An end to the free return of products in the food supply chain

The Agricultural Organisations and Supply Chains Act (Agrarorganisationen-und-Lieferketten-Gesetz, AgrarOLkG), which was enacted by German lawmakers, […]


Community of heirs – Which paths offer a way out?

According to German law, a community of heirs is automatically formed after someone dies and if there are several heirs who have been determined by […]

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