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Impairment Radar - Impairment test with ease


The impairment test according to IAS 36 has long ceased to be a side issue. Goodwill is increasingly perceived as a "cluster risk" and thus attracts the attention of auditors and capital providers. This makes it an increasingly central component of the consolidated financial statement audit. As a result of these developments, the requirements regarding audit accuracy and audit frequency are increasing significantly.

With ever-increasing frequency, all subsidiaries are to be tested for impairment. In addition, strict legal and regulatory requirements must be complied with. And at the same time, the monetary, personnel and time costs are to be kept within manageable limits.

Are you looking for a holistic and audit-resistant solution that allows you to perform sound impairment testing at any time, without stalling your department's operations?

We have something for you!

Our contribution to the solution

In our solution, we have combined the professional knowledge of our auditors and our IT specialists to provide you with a meaningful audit result at the push of a button.

With the Impairment Radar, we have developed a solution aimed at practical application that enables you to keep your efforts to a minimum. Based on your business plan, the complete process, from company valuation to impairment testing, is automated.

For you as a decision maker, we have integrated an analysis pilot with sensitivity analysis and further control options. This allows you to track exactly how consistent the analysis is and where upcoming impairment potentials may arise.

Screenshot from the Impairment Radar


This is how easy it is to get your result!

Our services

  • Impairment test
    • We prepare and integrate your business plan into our Impairment radar
    • Get full overview through integrated sensitivity analysis and other control elements
    • We are also happy to determine the cost of capital for you
  • Consulting
    • We are happy to support you with our expertise and many years of experience in the analysis of results
    • Make the right decisions in the goodwill management of your group with our help


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