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PKF Care - Our care market industry solution

Your challenges

The care market places special demands on you as a service provider, facility manager, etc:

  • Comply with new legal regulations in a timely manner in order to always withstand quality audits by the medical service of the health insurance funds or the auditing service of the association of private health insurance
  • Determine staffing requirements at an early stage in the event of a permanent shortage of personnel on the labor market
  • Always keep an eye on financial aspects when implementing new care concepts, as well as their medium-term development
  • Carry out effective controlling with the decisive key performance indicators (KPIs) for management with minimum effort and expense
  • Continuously compare the own facility to the regional / national competition

In most cases, the information for the points listed above is available in different systems. In addition, this information is processed differently. We have combined the information and processes into one solution for greater ease of use: PKF Care

Our contribution to the solution

Together with care specialists, we have developed PKF Care, an industry-specific solution. With this tailor-made accounting and controlling tool, you receive, among other things:

  • Predefined industry-specific key figures, such as skilled worker ratio, staff over- and under-coverage, contribution margin per resident, and much more.
  • Monthly, automated key figure reporting as required, from the big picture down to the detailed set screws
  • Easy planning of liquid funds requirements for the next 12 months and rapid initiation of measures as required
  • With the transparency to the target strength of the nursing staff determine the new skilled worker need point-exactly
  • Compare current benchmarks of regional and national competitors with your own benchmarks
  • Quality-assured documentation of nursing rate negotiations in accordance with the specifications of the nursing rate commission
  • Carry out integrated annual planning for P&L, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Update monthly forecasts based on annual planning

PKF Care uses the powerful LucaNet Finance Performance Management Software as a basis for the industry solution.

We continuously develop our solution PKF Care with industry experts according to the current requirements and specifications of social legislation. The benefit for you: You are always up-to-date.

Fig. 1 and 2: Turnover/costs and DB per bed in comparison within a care group

Fig.3 Development of cash and cash equivalents in plan/actual and forecast - monthly update

Your options

PKF Care offers you two subscription models:

Reporting as a Service (flat-rate solution)

Purchase PKF Care as a flat-rate package and receive the monthly reporting, planning and care rate report directly from us - ready to go as a pdf.

This is how we proceed with this option:

  • We visit you or your tax advisor and collect the relevant financial accounting data to load it into PKF Care via preconfigured interfaces.
  • We proceed in the same way with planning - and if you don't (yet) have one, we create a new one with you in just a few steps and upload it to the system
  • With preconfigured reports that correspond to the latest state of the nursing world, we immediately generate your relevant reports: monthly reporting, annual business planning and nursing rate documentation

Now you're probably asking how much all this costs. We want fair prices for every size category: That's why our remuneration is flat-rate and based on your number of residents - so you stay economical.

Create reporting yourself (purchase solution)

Purchase the FPM software LucaNet with the PKF Care configuration as an on-premise or cloud solution and create your reporting more and more by yourself, with our initial support in your home.

Here is how we proceed with this option:

  • You buy a LucaNet license
  • We implement LucaNet with PKF Care at your premises and are happy to address your individual requirements in the process
  • Create your monthly reporting, planning and care rate report yourself after the implementation of PKF Care
  • Then implement your individual wishes alone or together with our specialist and IT expertise
  • Of course, all updates from the care sector are available to you in the same way as with the flat-rate solution

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