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Cashmir at a glance

Cashmir enables you to build a highly professional software-based liquidity management system.

With just a few clicks, you can analyze actual payment flows on a daily basis, right down to the level of individual payments. In conjunction with direct liquidity planning, you have comprehensive transparency regarding your company's future solvency.

Day after day!



Time-consuming process steps in liquidity management, such as the continuous procurement of information and consolidation of payment flows, are fully automated.


Cashmir is capable of processing very large transaction data volumes. The analysis of several tens of thousands of payment transactions per day is possible without any problems.

Error prevention

The Cashmir calculation algorithms cannot be changed accidentally by the user. Unnoticed calculation errors are excluded.

Direct liquidity planning

Liquidity analysis, evaluation and planning are performed using the direct method by processing daily data exports at the single-payment level.

Best of 2 worlds

Cashmir is based on proven and powerful database technologies, which are combined with well-known and immediately usable Excel input and output masks.

Fast implementation

Cashmir is independent of specific upstream systems. Assuming common data export formats, implementation takes place within 4-6 weeks.

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