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Monetary policies of central banks as a key factor affecting business financing

High inflation rates are currently hampering economies overall throughout the world. In Germany, the inflation rate in November 2022 was 8.8%, which […]


New requirements for the audit of IT systems in accordance with ISA DE 315

The requirements of a new auditing standard are creating challenges for auditors and therefore, indirectly, also for their clients. The ISA DE 315 […]


Business intelligence solutions for enhanced business process monitoring

In the present digital era, businesses are generating vast amounts of data that provide valuable insights and can enable informed decision-making. […]


Determining ‘fair’ business value – Adjustments for heightened uncertainty

Business valuation already previously frequently resulted in arguments about the ‘correct’ or ‘fair’ value. In our times of war in Ukraine, high […]


Shorter useful life – How faster tax depreciation of real estate can be achieved

Fixed tax depreciation rates based on standardised useful lives mean that real estate users have only limited scope to provide proof of an actual […]


ESG reporting – Measuring non-financial performance on the basis of the Women’s Career Index (Frauen-Karriere-Index, FKI)

While, in the past, sales revenue and profit were regarded as the sole criteria for economic success, these days, companies also have to be judged on […]


Building assets with ETFs in an asset management GmbH [limited liability company] as opposed to private assets (Part 2)

The effects of compound interest while building assets are mainly impacted by the tax implications. In the previous article we had a look at private […]


Employee bonuses where there is no legal entitlement – A provision is nevertheless possible

A provision for liabilities of uncertain timing or amount presupposes, among other things, that payment is more likely than not. According to a ruling […]


Relief provided by the energy price brakes

The German government introduced ‘energy price brakes’ in response to the sharp increases in energy prices and the enormous economic burdens […]


Building private assets with ETFs during a period of rising interest rates

The effects of compound interest while building assets are mainly impacted by the tax implications. This report discusses the consequences of rising […]

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