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Solution-oriented thinking and acting is a deeply rooted consultant gene: the most important prerequisite to be able to develop intelligent solutions for you or with you and to adapt them to your digitization strategy.

In addition to individual digital solutions, we also offer you a full range of prefabricated standard solutions. We use modern technologies to solve your challenges in the areas of digital finance transformation.

A selection of our solutions:

Impairment Radar

The impairment test according to IAS 36 has long ceased to be a side issue. Goodwill is increasingly perceived as a "cluster risk" and thus attracts the attention of auditors and capital providers. This makes it an increasingly central component of the consolidated financial statement audit. As a result of these developments, the requirements regarding audit accuracy and audit frequency are increasing significantly. All subsidiaries are to be tested for impairment with ever-increasing frequency. In addition, strict legal and regulatory requirements must be met. And at the same time, the monetary, personnel and time costs must be kept within manageable limits. Are you looking for a holistic and audit-resistant solution that enables you to carry out a sound impairment test at any time without your department's processes getting bogged down?

We have something for you!

Hotel Corporate Performance Management

PKF HoST© enables transparency and meaningful evaluations through data integration from common property management systems, established accounting systems, Excel documents and databases in one solution. The structured consolidation of all decision-relevant information from operational hotel business with PKF HoST© creates added value for all stakeholders:

  • for hotel operators: strategic competitive factor, profit optimization through transparency and intelligent control, fast and secure consolidation, ideal for hotel groups and portfolios
  • for owners: customized regular reporting, tailored to information needs and contract types
  • for investors and capital providers: Confidence through effective past and future-oriented reporting of all key financial figures.

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