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Determination of profit – Requirements for the recognition of deferred income

The Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) recently considered the criteria for creating a deferred income item for period-related services.


Moving house for a better home office – Relocation costs could be tax deductible

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals with small homes realised that as a result of working from home they suddenly had a need for […]


Discounting a purchase price paid in instalments – Interest and income from capital assets

When an item that forms part of private assets is sold and the claim for payment of the purchase price is deferred for the long term – i.e. longer […]


New clarifications with respect to transfer pricing

Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) rulings on transfer pricing issues are rare and, therefore, generally deserve special attention. In a […]


Tax planning by means of a usufruct in favour of children

The transfer of a source of income to (under-age) children via the establishment of a gratuitous usufruct has to be recognised for tax purposes if no […]


Large-scale project planning – the construction of a logistics centre

When planning large-scale projects – such as the construction of a logistics centre -, besides structural engineering and logistical aspects etc., […]


German Whistleblower Protection Act – Reporting channel is required where there are at least 50 employees

On 17.12.2023, the statutory provisions in the Whistleblower Protection Act (Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz, HinSchG), which first came into force on […]


Expansion of the scope of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains

The Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz, LkSG), which regulates corporate responsibility […]


Maintaining two households – Costs for a parking space included in the accommodation costs?

If the place of residence and the place of work are far apart from each other it sometimes makes sense to rent a second home at the workplace […]


Documentary evidence of arrival for intra-Community deliveries – Using the EMCS procedure

Under the German VAT Implementing Ordinance, a business owner can provide documentary evidence of the arrival of intra-Community deliveries for the […]

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