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Customs app for complying with import rules

The Federal Ministry of Finance has released a customs and postal app (Zoll-und-Post-App) as well as a customs and travel app (Zoll-und-Reise-App). […]


The tax treatment of reorganisation-induced additional transfers in the case of a consolidated tax group

It is the view of the fiscal administration that a merger within an existing consolidated tax group structure at fair market values under German […]


Cross border group financing – An update on the arm’s length nature

The Federal Fiscal Court’s (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) ruling on interest rates for shareholder loans has been a subject covered in our previous articles […]


The ‘royalty barrier’ rule – BMF sets out the requirements for preferential regimes

Since the introduction of the ‘royalty barrier’ rule (Section 4j of the German Income Tax Act), limits have been placed on the tax deductibility of […]


Outstanding issues related to the recapitulative statement

The Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, BMF) has once again adjusted the German VAT application decree on the tax exemption […]


Obligation to provide proof of the value of the stake in a company that has been gifted

Recently, the Munich tax court had to rule on the obligation to provide proof of the calculation of the value of the stake in a company that have been […]


Cryptocurrencies – Classification for tax purposes and taxation

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have acquired ever greater significance. There are nevertheless taxation issues that also need to be considered in […]


Intragroup international assignment of employees – Who has to withhold the payroll taxes?

In the case of an intragroup international assignment of an employee it is possible that the domestic (German) hosting company would become the […]


Inheritance/gift tax – Equitable measures in the case of falling short of the minimum aggregate wage level due to the pandemic

The inheritance/gift tax relief for business assets or shares in corporations depends on, among other things, the aggregate wages of the business […]


Community of heirs – Which paths offer a way out?

According to German law, a community of heirs is automatically formed after someone dies and if there are several heirs who have been determined by […]

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